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The Norwegian Valley SPA Treatments

The Norwegian Valley SPA Treatments

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02 SEP 2019

Everyone likes to clear their minds and relax from time to time. Our lives are getting faster and we often need a rest from everyday stress. We need to remember that our mental health is just as important as physical health because one influences the other.

We also can't allow ourselves to move frustration from one place to another (work to home) - our family members don't deserve unnecessary quarrels and bad humor. What is the solution?

One could go on leave or holidays. But to be honest... who has time during the year to go on holiday? Most of us work or/and have children, who need to be prepared for school every morning, and not everyone has the luxury of a family to take care of kids for some time. 

So let's search for another answer... maybe martial arts? They can help let off steam aggregated in ourselves. But can they relax us? I don't know. I'm not into martial arts, so I don't have enough knowledge to answer that question. Considering the hypothesis that I de-stress on the gym, the answer can lead to the conclusion that I can relax by, in a controlled and socially acceptable way, dispose of what I don't want to carry. In that case, maybe weightlifting?

Maybe, but not everyone is the sporty type. What about those who prefer spending time in a more passive way?

Perhaps a short trip to the SPA?

Ladies, isn't it the dream of every one of you? There is also more and more for Gentlemen, so every man can also find something for themselves.

In The Norwegian Valley you can let yourselves to forget about everything for a moment and give in to our specialists, who will assure comprehensive services.

Holistic SPA is a place where the Guest is taken as a whole. One can focus on their breath and slow down the train of thoughts. The muscles relax and emotions soften out.

What's our offer? Treatments that will make the need for thinking of vacation unnecessary to reach a state of deep relaxation - just visit our therapy rooms! What can you find in the Holistic Spa Norwegian Valley?

  • Energizing ritual for men HEGGE (an unwinding shoulders and neck massage, oat flake peeling with sea salt and face massage with an algae mask) - this therapy will make you compose yourself, it will lighten your mood and add positive energy.
  • Soothing ritual URNES (algae face mask, whole body honey-almond peeling, face massage) - the treatment's goal is to get us into a state of deep relaxation and carelessness. We guarantee that after this ritual nothing will be able to disrupt our good state.
  • Normalizing ritual KVERNES (mint peeling, algae body mask, face mask with massage) - natural algae will take us to the bosom of nature. Natural ingredients regenerate and rehydrate the skin, which makes it look healthy and attractive.

We also suggest our massages:

  • Norwegian classic massage (whole-body) - massage aiming to regenerate the muscle tension.
  • Hot chocolate massage - very relaxing and soft treatment, including natural ingredients. 90% dark chocolate is used for the massage. Tasty and pleasing ;)
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