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What should be taken for a summer mountain holiday?

What should be taken for a summer mountain holiday?

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Norwegian Valley Mountain Panorama
23 OCT 2019
Mountain holidays are an interesting way to spend free time actively. Most of us have probably met with the following questions: How should we prepare for this type of a trip? What should we take with us? What will be the weather like? Perhaphs it will be warm. It's worth remembering thet weather in the moutains my vary. So what are the real answers? After reading this article none of you will have any doubts about the range that should be by our side.
Documents are essential. It will help emergency services to identify you and work effectively if the necessity arises. Additionally, it's worth to have data about relatives (parents, spouse, someone close) who could be informed about, for example, your stay at the hospital. A good backpack is a neccesity. It should be well fitted and mountain-hiking type. It can't be a random backpack picked from a shop because the more basic straps will start to cut into the skin, which results in bigger exhaustion and deconcentration on the mountain track. The constant thought of something causing us discomfort will prevent us from enjoying the mountain trip. Raincoat - the change of weather in the mountains can be a matter of a time. We should also be very heedful of the things we are carrying with us - the rucksack shouldn't get soaked. It's a shame to destroy things that we can still use. Not to mention us and our health. We need to remember that it is much easier to catch a cold or get sick than recover to full strength. Drinking water - don't forget about proper hydration. Each of us should drink from 2 to 3 liters of water a day. The amount is even higher in the summer because of the liquids loss. Let'ss remember that hydrating our organism is essential for the proper work of internal organs and the efficiency of our mind and cognitive processes. Sunscreen - the bigger the number on the tube of tanning cosmetic the better the protection of our skin from dangerous sun rays. Nevertheless, the Suun is pleasant and cheers us up, the golden mean should apply. Headgear - when planning a mountain trip we have to check the weather forecasts for those days in which we want to admire nature. The sun might make us feel bad. Consider the fact that there might be no place to hide from UV rays of the Sun. The second aspect is a warm hat which might come in handy. The mountain tops tend to be windy and chilly. Our organism needs to be protected not only from the heat but also cold. First aid kit - always carry band-aids, hydrogen peroxide or other sanitizers and a bandage. It would be better for them to not be used, however... better safe than sorry. Money - why would you need money in the mountains? Well, let's say that it's the same case as with the aid box. It's just worth having some. You never know when it could be needed. It's easy to hide so it won't be a big burden while it might be used at any moment. Food - may be useful on the track. Providing carbs and sugars (from meals) strengthens our body and enables it travel more distance. We will be able to reach further destinations. Furthermore, consuming when surrounded by nature makes a simple sandwich taste... somehow better ;) Socks - absolutely the long ones! Take everything that can cover and protect your bodies as it's easy to catch an injury on the track. You need to be cautious to not get hurt/ If something bad happenes, be dressed in such a way that minimizes the damage. The more body area is covered, the fewer bruises. Comfortable shoes - don't forget that you should prepare your shoes for a rocky track. You can't get tired too fast. You shouldn't allow any injuries. Eventually, you are hiking for the sake of having fun and coming back safely. Dear Ladies - forget about stylish footwear and high heels, put on some beautiful and adequate trekking shoes! Long pants and long-sleeved shirts, for the same reason as long stoc Telephone - today's modern smartphone models have built-in digital cameras which will record the nature's majesty and your good memories, but it's not the most important feature of a phone. In case of an emergency, people can call for help.Sleeping bag and mat - Equipment which is useful on every trip. Easy to carry and light-weight. Pocket knife - another essential item. It can be of used in many different situations - from cutting to opening, but mailnly used for chopping, carving etc. Dry and wet tissues - basic hygiene item. It's hard to manage without them when you don't have access to running water. The packages are very light-weight and easy to open. An indispensable part of every backpack. Flashlight - most of mobile phones have a built-in light source... but they can go low on battery or get lost. A handy flashlight can be strapped to our gear so it's easily accessible when it gets dark. It can help our sight when we need to find a place to hide in the mountains. But the most important thing to take into the mountain ranges is a good attitude and a backpack full of laugh and positive energy. And remember to take beautiful pictures to show off on social media ;)
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