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What to take when going to the mountains in winter?

What to take when going to the mountains in winter?

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03 OCT '23
04 OCT '23
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Norwegian Valley Mountain Panorama
28 OCT 2019
Mountain trips can definitely deliver much fun and happiness but... how should you get ready for such a trip in the winter? What should you take? What should you be prepared for?
Wind and rain-resistant clothing - it's very easy to catch a cold during the winter. It's not worth risking one's health. Remember that winter holidays are there to enjoy them and help in saving the energy for the following weeks. The conditions high up on the hills can be tough and defending our body and well-being is a must.

Winter gloves - body protection is incredibly crucial. The body is supposed to be functional until the end of our days, and for that, we need to give attention to its proper care.

Spare, warm attire - our bodies need to constantly be secure and cared for. Our internal organs function well only when we look after them. The body protects them, which is a very important role. We need to remember that in the high mountains there's plenty of bad things that can happen. It's not hard to over freeze, and the weather can change in the blink of an eye. We need to predict many scenarios and be prepared for all kinds of disasters. Better safe than sorry - it's good to have spare, warm clothes which can assure us of physical and mental comfort.

Heat-insulating hat - most of the temperature gets out through the head. Did someone hear that already? Probably yes. It's a myth. Around 11% of the total temperature is lost through the head (University of British Columbia 2008 scientific research: the scientists chose two test groups - the first participants were asked to completely submerge in 17°C water, while the others - only to the neck. And what did the research show? Well, the results were very interesting - it turns out, that the test subjects from the first group had an 11% smaller body temperature than the other participants. Of course, the study took other variables into account, like water density, the pulse of participants and oxygen use.) 11% is not a big number, but still, the head is a very important part of the body. It doesn't have much adipose tissue, while it has to protect the mind from potential damage.

Shoes - appropriate winter footwear is a necessity. Not to mention the fact that it's a mountain trip. The shoe has to be warm, comfortable and well-fitted. It's very easy to injure ourselves on a snowy track, which we wouldn't want to happen. After all, safety is the most important thing.

Continuing the subject of safety in the mountains, let's touch on a few other aspects:

Snow rackets - safety is very important. Having snow rackets underneath our feet we might raise the grip on snow and slippery surfaces. There's plenty of snow and ice on the road in the winter - and that's good, but the trip is supposed to bring us joy, not trouble.

Icepicks and crampons - not the cheapest gear, but well, is it really worth saving money on our health and safety? What role do those items play? They raise our grip on fresh and frozen snow. They help us walking up steep and icy hills.

First aid kit - helpful in many circumstances. There are many bad things that can happen on the track. We should be prepared for all kinds of situations. It's often that the help comes after a long time of waiting, and it's easy to get hurt in the mountains. In many cases, we can help ourselves or other hikers thanks to the ingredients of the aid box.

Thermos with a hot beverage - it's nice to appreciate the mountain landscapes when having the comfort of sipping a hot drink like chocolate or coffee. Warming the body improves our mood, while also sugar consumption puts a smile on the face.

Pocket knife - useful in harsh conditions. It can always be used to cut or open things. A light and essential item on the trip.

Sleeping bag - basic equipment of every mountain-lover, whatever the weather and season. Dry and wet tissues - indispensable hygiene measure, not just on the track. Everyone should carry those in a bag, rucksack or the pocket of a jacket. Flashlight - it gets dark early in the winter and the trip can last very long. A pocket lantern might come in handy when, for example, going down a mountain or looking for something we've lost on the road.

Backpack - the only place where a traveller can contain all the gear needed for the trip. What kind of a bag should it be? The one that is suitable for high-mountain hiking - with wide straps that don't cut into our hands and shoulders. Some rucksacks even have solar batteries attached which can charge phones and cameras. Food - when the road is very exhausting, sweets seems to be a very joyful prize for reaching the destination. You should always carry a meal with you when you know that your energy will need replenishing.

Snow-white mountains coated by white fluff and glittering with millions of small crystals in the sun is a magnificent view, which can be easily stored on pictures, together with amazing memories. However, let's remember that the mountains are not only beautiful but also dangerous. Everyone should prepare themselves appropriately for a mountain trip, especially in the winter, to rejoice after reaching the goal of the hike and plan the next winter activities for the following season.

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